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Patrick Crider - Pat Crider is a recent graduate of West Chester University and is excited to continue his education in classical bass trombone at the Manhattan School of Music come fall 2017. He has been playing trombone now for almost eight years, but was first introduced to music through piano lessons at the age of 9. He also enjoys playing guitar and bass on occasion.

During Pat's undergrad, he was a three-time winner of the Lee Southall Trombone Scholarship, and placed first in a sophomore concerto competition. In the many ensembles he was involved with he had the opportunity to travel and perform across the eastern states. One of these performances was at the 2016 Jazz Education Network conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Also during his time at West Chester, he performed throughout the Philadelphia area alongside his fellow colleagues in the exciting Latin jazz group, Habanero. When he was invited to play in the group, he hadn't picked up a tenor trombone in years. Now he doubles on both bass and tenor, with plans to expand his abilities to all members of the low brass family.

Before moving to New Jersey to live with his girlfriend of 4 years and their loving dog, Griffin, Pat taught a studio of 8 young piano students and hopes to always continue teaching the next generation of musicians.

Pat looks forward to performing with this all-star group of players and couldn't be happier to be a member of the band.
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